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owner at trustee meeting

By David Barron on Sat, 06 Jan 2018 at 06:55

Good Morning,

Recently we held a Trustee meeting and an owner was in attendance. Under the new rules is it still permissible for an owner to attend? Are there any conditions under which the owner can attend?


have a good weekend


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RE: owner at trustee meeting

Murray Bennett replied on Sun, 07 Jan 2018 at 16:42

Refer to Sectional Titles Scheme Management Act - Regulations under library on this page.
Calling and attendance at meetings.
11 (3) Members, registered bondholders, holders of future development rights and the managing agent may attend trustee meetings and may speak on any matter on the agenda, but they are not entitled to propose any motion or to vote; provided that such persons are not entitled to attend those parts of trustee meetings that deal with —
(a) discussions of contraventions of the Act or rules; or
(b) any other matters in respect of which the trustees resolve that the presence of any such persons would unreasonably interfere with the interests of the body corporate or any person's privacy.
(4) If a member, a registered mortgagee or the holder of a future development right in writing requests notice of trustee meetings, the trustees must deliver to that person a copy of a notice of a meeting referred to in sub-rule (1), a resolution referred to in sub-rule (2) and a notice of any adjournment of such a meeting; provided that the body corporate may recover from the person concerned the costs of delivery of such documents.

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