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Treasurer Payment

By lara mac dougall on Thu, 08 Mar 2018 at 09:18

We used to outsource our invoicing of levies and electricity. A homeowner, who is on the HOA is now doing the books. We used to pay the outsourced person about R2500 per month. Do we pay the homeowner the same amount? Or is it based on a formula i.e. % of the levies? We are 36 units and pay R305 in levies per month. We have one electricity box outside therefore the new bookkeeper has to take individual readings of the 36 units and invoice us for the electricity and then pay the council. We pay the HOA in advance as the council invoices later for the electricity. The bookkeeper also has to arrange clearance certificates should one move, collect levies & electricity monies as well as pay the bills (I estimate about 10 eft's a month) . All other duties are shared among committee members.


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