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Delivery of Notices

By Anna Badenhorst on Sat, 14 Apr 2018 at 22:27

The owners signed documents where they requested that their Service Addresses change to their email addresses as they do not wish to receive it via post, but email. It it then acceptable for the Trustees to only send notices via email or must it still be sent via Registered Post also? Is it only regarding SGM and AGMs or is it for ALL correspondence between owners and the Trustees?

The Trustees send out all documentation in English and none of the owners have a problem with it, but one owners who demands that all documentation get sent in Afrikaans. Can this demand be made? It it not the owner's responsibility to get a translater? The owner have mentioned at a meeting that they do understand English.. they are simply being stubborn. The attitude and mentality of some people! **frustrated**

Please advise!


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RE: Delivery of Notices

Murray Bennett replied on Mon, 16 Apr 2018 at 22:40

Sectional Title Schemes Management Act - regulations which can be found under the library on this page:
Owner meetings (6) Notice of a general meeting must be delivered to—
(a) members at their service addresses in terms of rule 4(5), Service addresses:
4 (5) The service address for any legal process or delivery of any other document to a member is the address of the primary section registered in that member's name; provided that a member is entitled by written notice to the body corporate to change that address for purposes as contemplated in subsections
6(3)(c) and 6(4) of the Act to another physical address, postal address or fax in the Republic of South Africa or to an email address, and that the change in the service address of the member is effective when the body corporate receives notice of such a change.
(6) The service address for any legal process or delivery of any other document to an occupier of a section, who is not a member, is the physical
address of that section.
Why not translate simply the documentation? It could go a long way towards engendering community spirit & after all we do have 11 official languages.

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