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default levies

By Fahdiela Ball on Wed, 06 Jun 2018 at 07:26

Good Morning. I purchased a unit at sale of execution.
The outstanding levies was then due by me. Can i ask the managing agents to give me a complete breakdown of the outstanding levies after I transfer the levies. Will they be entitled to forward it to me.


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RE: default levies

Anne Greening replied on Wed, 06 Jun 2018 at 10:08

Hi, Fahdiela, As I understand it, you are entitled to obtain full details of any amounts due by you from any creditor. However, if this unit is in a sectional titles scheme, once it is transferred into your name, you will be a member of the body corporate. As such you will be entitled to require the trustees to provide you with any BC document.
I am wondering why the outstanding debts to the BC were not paid by the auctioneer to the BC before disbursing the remainder of the proceeds.

RE: default levies

Fahdiela Ball replied on Wed, 06 Jun 2018 at 10:24

I am told it is client confidentiality by managing agents. I can only receive my statements. Not the default client. I spoke to the ombudsman she does not have email to send agents.

RE: default levies

Piet van Wyk replied on Mon, 11 Jun 2018 at 08:34

Hi Fahdiela, if they expect you to pay an amount, they should give you a detailed invoice. You are then becoming the "client". I am not a legal expert though.

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