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Trustee abuse of parking

By Berhalet Beukes on Fri, 10 Aug 2018 at 08:56

Good day,

I reside in a block of flats with parking allocated to each flat. There are no parking for visitors on the premises but ample space outside.

Every flat has an allocated parking space which is common property and not the property of the particular tenant or owner.

My neighbor, a trustee member, has caused quite an uproar due to her abusing parking spaces for visitors by arranging with absent owners, tenants or arranging to use vacant flat parkings on a regular basis. She is blatantly acting in her own best interest and disregards other tenants.

My problem is as follows. My allocated space forms part of a 4 parking space section. The spaces are very small. On one side of my parking is a wall and on the other side a pole which limits access to my vehicle but as a rule I manage. I park as close as possible to the wall but on several occasions this trustee arranged for her regular friend to use the parking next to me. Her regular guest drives a Ford Ranger 4x4 and the size and location of the pole (which supports my covered parking roof) as well as size of parking spaces, results in my having no access to my vehicle. On two occasions, the owner of the Ford Ranger scratched my vehicle as he himself can't get out of the vehicle without a bit of maneuvering. The problem is, he slides against my vehicle and it is unacceptable.

I have laid a complaints as I feel that 1. all tenants/owners are aware that there is no visitor's parking available in the building and 2. I am a permanent tenant and I am being inconvenienced by a visitor. I tried to come to an understanding with the trustee but she is adamant that her visitors can park wherever she arranges parking. In this case, next to my vehicle. Not only can I not get into my vehicle, my vehicle is being damaged and I would like to find a resolve.

Please advise


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RE: Trustee abuse of parking

Nicole Tavares replied on Mon, 13 Aug 2018 at 08:21

Hi Berhalet,

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