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New law

By Callie de Jager on Wed, 10 Oct 2018 at 23:32

Our AGM is imminent. I have proposed some items to be discussed at the meeting. The notice regarding the AGM did not include a request for discussion points from the owners. No items are listed either to be discussed.
The managing agent gave a response to me on receipt of the discussion points. According to our managing agent there are new procedures that must be followed according to the new Act. (Wet in Afrikaans)
His explanation is that the new law (Wet in Afrikaans) says I should have handed a RESOLUTION to the Trustees before the meeting inclusive of an alternative. The Trustees wil then discus the various items and it will be included in the Agenda. The resolution must include the current situation and a suggested action plan, remedial plan. This will then be carried over or forward to the new Trustees for action.
This implies that I must report that the wall is broken and it must be repaired instead of merely reporting the broken wall and leaving it up to an expert to investigate and recommend remedial action. I see it as the duty of the Trustees to call the experts or maintenance teams in order to give an opinion and pricing. I certainly believe that it is not an owner's responsibility to give a suggestion as well.
As I did not hand in any resolutions to the Trustees before the meeting it cannot be discussed at the AGM according to the managing agent.
I have searched for this "nuwe wet" but can't find it. The purpose of the new law is to prevent owners from bringing their personal agendas to the meeting. The managing agent state that no decision making can take place at the AGM despite the BC being there.
Please help as I am lost on this.


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RE: New law

Nicole Tavares replied on Mon, 15 Oct 2018 at 08:22

Hi Callie,

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