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oppose new rule before or after Ombud submission

By A John on Fri, 08 Feb 2019 at 13:41

New conduct rules approved with correct process ie quorum and voting at an SGM. Problem is different rules now being submitted to ombud!! i.e. differently worded to the document members sent as part of the S.G.M. agenda? Irrespective, the new rules adversely effect proprietary rights in that they want to change usage of a section, and dictate that we are not allowed to rent it out, despite it being an autonomous section/ unit. Should we object before it gets submitted to Ombud or after? If so, any advice on whether or not to advise the trustees of this objection ? We prefer not to engage with trustees for not wanting conflict or victimisation. We appreciate their view; and all the good they do, but they cannot (or will not) see our point.


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RE: oppose new rule before or after Ombud submission

Graham Paddock replied on Mon, 11 Feb 2019 at 14:35

However you handle this, you can't do it anonymously.
If you consider the trustees are misrepresenting to the CSOS the effect of a BC resolution, you need to make this clear to them and, if they won't listen, to other owners. If enough agree with you, they can force a meeting and give the trustees specific directions on the issue.
You can't wait and object later. You need to voice your objections now and directly to the those who are doing what you think is wrong.

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