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Land Survey Report

By Bongani Ngwenya on Mon, 11 Mar 2019 at 21:45

Our Scheme was built in 2010 in Soweto,Protea Glen ext 11,we occupied the house in 2011,minor cracks started showing soon thereafter from few houses and later other houses showed same,as years continued the cracks got bigger and bigger(as if the walls are separating from each other)the foundation also started to separate from the house,Floor tiles started to crack,the land itself is caving in.It is safe to say "ITS BAD".

I would like to know on which institution is a custodian of the land survey report about this land as we are beginning to think that maybe our houses were built in a dolomite area in that after requesting an insurance quote from OUTSURANCE,It made a disclaimer on the quoute that reads as follows"your property was built in a well known dolomite area",also is it possible for a person like me to requeast/access such a report from the institution?
Also we reported this matter to our Insurance company(ADDSURE)which said that they do NOT cover structural defects(which confuses me a bit)and, also, we need to contract,at the Body Corporate's expense,an engineer to come and conduct some investigations/assesment.My question is:Is it the BC which is suppose to cover the engineeer's expense or the Insurance and also what,exactly,do house insurance companies cover?


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RE: Land Survey Report

Murray Bennett replied on Tue, 12 Mar 2019 at 23:28

Addsure are insurance brokers and they are not insurers. [In other words, Addsure are your body corporates insurance brokers and they obtain quotes for the body corporates insurance for them, the insurers are then selected by the trustees] I suggest that you/the trustees/managing agents meet with or phone Addsure and ask them to go through your insurance policy with you in detail and to give your recommendations as to how the structural problems should be dealt with.

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