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For Sale signs on Municipal property

By Miguel Pinto on Thu, 14 Mar 2019 at 11:10

Hi All,
One of our conduct rules is that no "for sale" signs are allowed outside the complex. I find this rule enforceable by the trustees since the sign is erected on the pavement which falls on municipal jurisdiction. Secondly, my estate agent claims that she pays the municipality a annual fee for permission to erect the signs.
Would appreciate your thoughts?


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RE: For Sale signs on Municipal property

Murray Bennett replied on Thu, 14 Mar 2019 at 23:48

The estate agent is correct. On payment of a fee [in Cape Town is approximately R1,500 per annum] estate agents are granted permission to erect signs on municipal property on the proviso that the council 'sticker granting permission' is affixed to the sign. The BC/trustees have no jurisdiction on anything outside of the complex boundary. If your conduct rules state no for sales signs OUTSIDE of the complex they need to be amended, it should state within the complex including on perimeter fencing.

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