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Use of washing lines

By Michelle Hoffman on Mon, 15 Apr 2019 at 11:53

My thoughts on this as follows:

1. If you use a part/section of 1 washing line, then you have use of that washing line for the day. Reason: All laundry cannot be done at once and two to three loads will fill the entire line. Most people have "a" laundry day.

2. You can only use 1 washing line at a time. Reason: give all owners/tenants equal opportunity to use the washing lines.

3. Do not hang your laundry on a line that already has someone elses laundry. Reason: if you do not know the person and accidentally take one of their items this can be considered theft.

I personally will either tumble dry my clothes or hang it in my flat if there are no available lines. Even if a line only has a few items on it, I do not invade their space as I appreciate that one has to do more than one load.

Situation this weekend: I hung up my laundry and was busy with my second load. As I foolishly thought others would treat me with the same respect, I did a load of laundry to fill the rest of the line. When I returned someone else hung their laundry with mine.

The following points were made by a third party:

1. You can't reserve a washing line, it is first come first serve. My response: I appreciate the fact that one can't reserve a washing line, I feel that we should have mutual respect and not mix our laundry with people we do not know. If someone has started using a line we should give them the opportunity to finish their laundry for the day.

2. I stated that should no line be available one should either tumble dry or hang it in your house. The response was that not everyone has a tumble dryer and where should they hang it in the house and on what, so they are entitled to use the washing line regardless. My query to this: if you have done a load of laundry and the line where your other laundry is is full of another (unknown) owners' does the same dillemma not apply to me?

We have 55 units and 8 washing lines. A first come first serve approach to individual pieces of line does not make sense to me. My understanding of first come first serve is basef on an entire washing line unit. If I accidentally takr an unknown persons laundry, how do I then return it? A big lost and found box?

Are there any rules pertaining to this issue or is it based on opinion and interpretation alone.


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RE: Use of washing lines

Gerhard Bezuidenhout replied on Mon, 15 Apr 2019 at 15:41

Free to arrange rules according to your particular needs. At least you have the facility in place.

Difficult to synchronize and enforce a usage rule especially among a diverse group of people with their diverse routine during night and day. Huge challenge...

RE: Use of washing lines

Callie de Jager replied on Tue, 16 Apr 2019 at 22:30

Gerhard Bezuidenhout.
Mapstieks man dis nou 'n verrassing / lekker om jou weer te sien op die forum.

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