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Goodbye, STO

By Anne Greening on Fri, 10 May 2019 at 16:08

Dear Paddocks,
I have been absent from this site for some time, and was distressed see on my return that this site is to be cancelled.
Over the years that I have been a member of this site, I have learned a great deal about both the legal and practical aspects of running a Sectional Titles Scheme.
As my knowledge improved, I have also been able to help people who are experiencing similar problems to those I have been through. In itself, checking the legislation to validate my answers has helped me to a better understanding.
I am sorry you have decided to close the site, which has proved so useful to many people embarking on the sometimes murky waters of Section Titles living.
Thank you for all you have done.


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RE: Goodbye, STO

Desiree Mansfield replied on Sun, 12 May 2019 at 04:59

Dear Paddocks, & Hi Anne Greening,
First time I have heard this which I think is unbelievable!! and totally agree with Anne Greening what she said above that we who live in Sectional Title definitely experience 'murky waters' with what is going on and people are being ripped off left right and centre by unqualified trustees and managing agents and leaves us with no one to turn to for help.
Why are Paddocks doing this, and for what valid reason? I have also gleaned so much information from this site over the years which has helped me tremendously.
I think that Professor Paddock and team should reconsider this decision seriously before doing this and think of the many users out there who will be so disappointed.
So all I can say is: Re-think this decision before you do this and think of all the ST people crying out for some for of help in this industry.
I am hoping for a favourable answer from the team at Paddocks.

RE: Goodbye, STO

Mohammad Nabbie replied on Tue, 14 May 2019 at 10:02

Good Morning
Its sad to hear that this site is closing down. It has been such a help to anyone living in a sectional title. Thanks for all the help over the years.

This site will be sorely missed....Show More

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