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Agency not doing Repairs

By Rachelle Boulton on Wed, 15 May 2019 at 11:07

I moved in the 1st May and found that the place was infested with mice and Cockroaches. I emailed Martinique on the 2nd May with my list of problems in the Unit. I had to find a Pest Control company myself on the 6th of May and sent Martinique the quote only then was the problem sorted out. The pipes make a banging noise all night, not only when I flush the toilet. It's random noise so it needs to be fixed. I haven't been able to sleep because of the noise which I emailed them on the 14th May again regarding the noise and was told they still waiting for approval from the owner of the Unit. When I sent a Whatsapp to the Maintenance Manager with a video of the noise he told me to feel free to repair it myself and they'll refund me at a later stage and I must only contact him if it's an Emergency. I don't have the money for the repairs. I reached the end of my tether because it's been endless problems with this Agency.


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RE: Agency not doing Repairs

Callie de Jager replied on Mon, 20 May 2019 at 23:05

Martinique certainly does not evoke positive conversation and comment.
I assume from your writings that they are the Letting agent for the unit. Sadly, I must add that it is obvious that no inspection was done on the unit, if it was inspected the agent would have picked the infestation up.
Bullies tend to be attracted to sectional title investments with horror stories of people who have endured ill-treatment and bossy attitudes by managing agents. There is no need to take the emotional abuse and behaviour of the maintenance manger.
Who do you contact then for day to day problems if the maintenance manager strong arm you? Maybe they must tell you how they manage as managing agent, what rules they play by. They obviously don't have a system for free flow of conversation.
I agree with you that their behaviour is completely unacceptable.

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