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Noisy Restaurant in HOA Pty Ltd

By Anie Jooste on Sun, 04 Mar 2012 at 06:13

We, me, Aarnold and my wife, Samantha, own a sectional title unit in a complex which is part of a HOA, run as a holiday resort.
We own, as common property only a few meters around the sectional title complex. the rest is common property of the HOA.
a restaurant is being run on the bottom floor of the sectional title complex, which is fine as it is enclosed and the guests eat their meals quietly.
However one of the directors of the HOA, to enrich himself, is renting the common ground of the HOA, adjacant to the sectional title complex, and has a large open air restaurant. It is very noisy. He arranges for bands to play which can be heard for a km away. The restaurant is open for one and all.
He has a liquor license - however the residents were never consulted about this.
He runs a restaurant on the open "HOA property", but individual homeowners were never consulted about this.
The noise at night bothers us, we cannot sleep.
The cars coming and going bothers us, we wake up.
The early morning laying of tables and staff getting ready wakes us up.
He forces the HOA manager to do what he wants as he is a director.

I sent an enquiry and received a reply:
Wat is regulasies om restaurant te bedryf?
Restaurant waar drank bedien word?
Restaurant buitemuurs - in ope lug?
Luide musiek?
Public nuisance?
Moët daar elke keer Lisensie van stadsraad gegee word vir meer as 100 mense (publieke vergadering)?
As daar 4 kroë is, by verskillende restaurante, binne 1 km van mekaar, hoef hul net een drank Lisensie TE hê?
Elke eienaar van apartment / huis moet sekerlik toestem - luide musiek, municipal ordinance. Geraas. Eienaars kan nie slaap nie. Sien koerant "Sunday Times - Bay Hotel!! Noise - confiscation of equipment" in Jan/Feb 2012.

Die volgende prosesse geld in terme van jou navraag.
Daar is verskeie owerhede betrokke by die suksesvolle goedkeuring van al die aktiwiteite waarna jy verwys.
a)Om n retaurant te bedryf moet die perseel eerstens die regte dorps sonering he. In die hierdie munispaliteit se geval sal dit Sakeregte 1 wees. Hierdie goedkeuring moet by die munisipaliteit bekom word en is ook onderhewig aan publieke deelname prosesse. 'n Gedeelte van hierdie proses is om goedkeuring vanaf die Weskus Distriks Munispaliteit se gesondheids beamptes te kry. Daar moet ook deur die plaaslike munisipaliteit n ondersoek gedoen word om te bepaal of die perseel aan die minimumvoorgeskrewe veilighieds vereistes voldoen. Na al hierdie goedkeurings kan die restaurant wel kos bedien,maar geen drank.

Om drank te kan bedien moet n volledige aansoek na die Drankraad gestuur word. 'n Kennisgewing moet ook aan die plaaslike SAPD sowel as die Gemeenskaps Polisie Forum gestuur word. Alle belanghebbende en geaffekteerde persone moet van die aansoek in kennis gestel word en het elkeen die reg om daarop kommentaar te lewer. Die plaaslike SAPD moet dan sy drankoffisier na die perseel stuur om die geskikthed van die perseel te bepaal en of dit aan die minimum voorwaardes voldoen. Hierdie kommentaar en verslae van almal word dan na die Drankraad gestuur vir besluitneming. Die Drankraad behoort alle kommentare met n verhoor aan te hoor en dan n besluit te neem.

Dieselfde geld ook vir die aanoek vir vermaak. Indien n restaurant aansoek doen vir vermaak moet dieselfde proses gevolg word. Die twee aansoek kan wel gesamentlik loop.

Indien daar dan n publieke steurnis is moet die klaer die saak by die SAPD maak en die drank offisier moet die saak ondersoek en terugvoer gee. Hierdie rapportering word op rekord geplaas. Indien die probleem
voortgaan kan daar weer n klagte gedien word en dan op die diskresie van die SAPD kan die klagte nou na die Drankraad verwys word waarby die oortreder gewaarsku word of sy lisensie verbeur.

'n Dranklisensie is normaalweg perseel en eienaar spesifiek en kan nie oorgedra word sonder die medewete van die Drankraad nie. Met die aansoek van n dranklisensie word planne ingedien waar en wanneer die aktiwiteite mag plaasvind. Dit is afhangend van elke afsonderlike aansoek.
Now, my question: This restaurant, pub, disco has been going on for years. And no, we were never consulted. They are drastically enlarging the restaurant and encouraging many more people and causing overcrowding. They are now booking bands regularly with outrageously noisy equipment. They are building permanent structures IN FRONT OF OUR complex. Yes, with approval from the HOA board the owner of the restaurant is a director and he appears to believe his fiduciary duty is to enrich himself at the expense of the homeowners. And yes, he quotes form the companies act when and where it suits him.
Please send me some legal sounding questions which I can then send to the chairman of the board.
Regards. Aarnold and Samantha Jooste.


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RE: Noisy Restaurant in HOA Pty Ltd

Anne Greening replied on Sun, 04 Mar 2012 at 11:30

Hi, Anie. I'm no expert on HOAs; but here's a few thoughts.
Have you read the constitution of the HOA? There may be some clause covering this position.
Contact you local Municipality for questions about the licensing laws. There will also be by-laws covering restaurants.
You have the right to complain to the Police about the noise nusiance.
Failing all else, you may need to brief a lawyer.

RE: Noisy Restaurant in HOA Pty Ltd

Samantha Britz replied on Mon, 05 Mar 2012 at 07:19

There is a huge “market” of well-to-do home owners in “non -profit Home Owner Associations Pty Ltd”. All the golf estates and new sea side developments and nature reeve seats and luxury game parks and retirement villages fall in this category. It would be interesting to read a debate about this, specifically for the walled estates or gated communities like Paradise Beach, Club Mykonos, Calypso, Apollo Ridge, Aegean heights, Shelley Point. Please ALSO SEE THE SUNDAYS TIMES IN THE LAST MONTH - COURT CASE IN DAINFERN - ILLEGAL FINES! One should hope that the same principles apply for HOA as for sectional title, but it is not so.
What we need, is a book on exactly what the SA law says about HOA Pty Ltd and what the sanctions are against directors who enrich tehmselves at the expense of the homeowners. Fiduciary duty is but one.

RE: Noisy Restaurant in HOA Pty Ltd

Annie Graeme replied on Mon, 05 Mar 2012 at 08:26

Could someone out there please pubish a book on South African non profit HOA PTY LTD? or at least start a service like STO for owners in HOA? We home owners cannot find any books on SA home owners associations HOA PTY LTD , and how to detect and stop fraud and abuse of dominance and misuse of financial power and enrichment of themselves. So abuse of dominance is illegal under the competition act, How do we enforce this?
The consumer protection act must surely give us some protection, and what about the access of information act?
I read on the www about this American book::
"Defend Your Condo & Homeowners Rights! What You Must Do When the Board Turns Your Life Upside Down" is the first self-defense guide for Condo and Home Owner Association (HOA) members confronting Board abuse of power. "This book helps every owner understand the true reality of condo and HOA living,"
Condo and HOA members across the nation suffer from hostile Boards, arbitrary legal sanctions and devastating foreclosures. Dr. Joyce Starr provides powerful solutions with this step-by-step, action guide. Vital information and secrets that every owner must know are revealed in remarkable detail. If/when the board tries to turn your life upside down - Defend Your Condo & Homeowner Rights! is your armor.
The author won a two-year condo legal battle involving toxic mold, whistleblowing and pets. Now she's transformed her experiences into an empowering message. She shows homeowners how to defend and protect their rights against Board abuse, including harassment, retaliation and failure of maintenance. Pet owners will celebrate the author's determined efforts to safeguard her cat. Crucial defensive and protective strategies are disclosed.
Starr's revelations will preserve your investment, protect your savings and shield your health. Ignore this book at your peril! A must-have gift for every condo and homeowner association member you know. This work also launches the first Condo and HOA Defense Kit - a trilogy of works on homeowner defense strategies produced by Dr. Joyce STARR Publishing.
ISBN: 978-0-9792333-7-1
If someone has read and used this book in SA, we would be very pleased to hear a review.

RE: Noisy Restaurant in HOA Pty Ltd

Swazi Coetzee replied on Mon, 05 Mar 2012 at 10:18

Make use of the Sectional Title First Aid which is a instant advisory service for your queries. More

RE: RE: Noisy Restaurant in HOA Pty Ltd

Annie Graeme replied on Mon, 05 Mar 2012 at 11:41

The Community Schemes Ombud Service Act would help HOA home owners.
the rules for sectional title is clearly spelled out, but Home Owners in HOA Pty Ltd are struggling away.
A dispute resolution system which would operate not only for sectional title schemes but also for share block schemes, retirement developments and homeowners associations (‘community schemes’) will be implemented.
This proposed statute will create an independent body tasked with facilitating and arranging the efficient and cost effective resolution of disputes which arise in all 'community schemes', being those with shared management and financial responsibility. this will help owners with trustees who are not honest and who do not do their fiduciary duties.
Is this body up and running? Are there any reported cases as court cases for us to refer to?

RE: RE: RE: Noisy Restaurant in HOA Pty Ltd

Anne Greening replied on Mon, 05 Mar 2012 at 16:23

Hi. The Community Schemes Ombud Services Act has been passed into law, but will only come into force at a date to be announced. Keep your eye on the Government Gazettes for the announcement.

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