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AGM - whose responsibility?

By Camelot Windsor on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 at 18:22

We have 5 trustees and a managing agent. Whose responsibility is it to call the AGM? Do the trustees do this when the MA says the financials are ready? Does one trustee get landed the job of doing it every year? What happens if we don't have an AGM? The owners don't care, the trustees couldn't care, and if the MA cares, we don't know that. Every year it's just left up to me to do, and this year I couldn't be bothered because no one bothers. So what if we don't have an AGM for one year? Who is going to know? Maybe we'll hold it over for 9 months and have it next year?


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RE: AGM - whose responsibility?

Lucy Fairchild replied on Fri, 06 Apr 2012 at 14:43

Hi Ian,
I am no expert on Sectional Title - however I know EXACTLY where you are coming from!!!
As per the STA the Managing Agents work under the direction of the Trustees - however, they are obliged to guide the trustees and advise them correctly. Also, if you are a Home Owner I beg you to not give up as someone has to care. It is your home and as a BC is classed as a business - it is also your Business!
As far as I know any Trustee can call a meeting. Procedures for the AGM are outlined in the STA. These meetings are imperative as they deal with the budget, and if things aren't taken care of you may find that your bills exceed your income. Also, you need to vote in a new Board of Trustees and Chairperson each year. If these things are left unattended they just get worse. Each complex needs at least ONE person who cares - so go ahead - call a Trustees Meeting (as per the prescribed Managemt Rule 15(2)) to discuss the budget (min 50% of trustees need attend) and then draw up the AGM Notice and Agenda (PMR 56) and send it out (PMR 54) - or instruct the MA to do it and they have to oblige.
Good Luck... JD

RE: RE: AGM - whose responsibility?

Camelot Windsor replied on Fri, 13 Apr 2012 at 15:04

Thanks, JD. In the end, I arranged the AGM. On the day of the AGM, so many people were ill including me that we postponed it for 14 days.

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