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AGM - whose responsibility?

By Camelot Windsor on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 at 18:22

We have 5 trustees and a managing agent. Whose responsibility is it to call the AGM? Do the trustees do this when the MA says the financials are ready? Does one trustee get landed the job of doing it every year? What happens if we don't have an AGM? The owners don't care, the trustees couldn't care, and if the MA cares, we don't know that. Every year it's just left up to me to do, and this year I couldn't be bothered because no one bothers. So what if we don't have an AGM for one year? Who is going to know? Maybe we'll hold it over for 9 months and have it next year?


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RE: AGM - whose responsibility?

replied on Sat, 12 May 2012 at 05:09

Andrea, attending your gala last night borhgut back memories of all the great shows I have seen over the years from Nanci Griffith, Garrison Keillor, Lyric Theatre Company musicals, Quadricentennial dance, Tony Bennett, All-State Jazz, First Night Burlington, Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Holiday Pops, Flynn Space shows, Hip-Hop Dance, Phillip Glass, and so many many more. Thanks for making all that possible.Here's a small tribute to you from Row B, seat 20 at your gala last night.

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