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Coin Security Rights

By Renzke botha on Sun, 25 Mar 2012 at 20:25

I'm a tenant currently living in a complex in a security estate. On several occassions our neighbours behind us has phoned Coin due to my 4 year old daughter who is ADHD and throws these temper tantrums. It has gone so far that they actually told the caretaker we are abusing our kids which is not true and they have spread these rumors. A few weeks back my daughter threw a temper tantrum as usual and the next moment we get a knock at at the this is during dinner time i open the door and coin stepped in my house asking why are the kids crying? I told him he must please remove himself from my house and get the police as he doesn't have any juristiction. So he left and next moment another knock by this time my husband left for the police station. I open the door with the kids a sleep already and to my surprise 4 coin security men outside my door. I told them they must please leave as my husband is at the police station and closed the door. Once again a loud bang on the door and to my surprise another guy claiming he is from the police but in actual fact he is security estate operations manager in charge of security claiming he is police officer he intemidated me in my own house and i actually didn't feel safe at all. He questioned my 6yr old son without me being in the room. I've opened a case at the police station and up until today haven't heard anyting. I really don't feel safe in my house anymore. As it was stated that coin has just as much right as what SAPS have.

My question is, what rights do they have? What is my rights as a tenant? What steps can be taken against the management of the estate and coin as they have voilated my privacy.


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RE: Coin Security Rights

Leo Riphagen replied on Mon, 26 Mar 2012 at 05:14


RE: Coin Security Rights

John Llewellyn replied on Sun, 01 Apr 2012 at 12:38

Your home is your "Castle" nobody but nobody has the right to interfere with you within your walls, S.T or no S.T. The only exeption is S.A.P.S. if they have "Probable Cause" and even then there are rules to be followed.
Steps to be followed ? Caution the perpertrators IN WRITING ! you will not tolerate such behaviour (an attornies letter would be nice).If you have no relief,open a case at S.A.P.S.
Hope this Helps. John

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