Paddocks Club

A sectional title and community scheme initiative headed by Graham Paddock. The Paddocks Club is an exclusive ongoing learning community driven by personalised coaching and support.

The Club’s services are overseen by Graham Paddock and administered by Timothy Gliddon and Lucille Stigling.

Club membership comprises several facilities:

  • A discussion forum where members can ask questions and receive support from Graham Paddock and their peers in their daily scheme management activities
  • A searchable library of up-to-date Acts related to all types of community schemes
  • A bank of video tutorials, with a new tutorial made available on a weekly basis
  • A library of related community scheme documentation
  • Graham's weekly email newsletter, which includes the video of the week, highlights noteworthy discussions taking place on the discussion forums, includes industry news and details any changes that have been made to relevant legislation.
  • Access to the Navigator - an interactive subject index and a very effective learning tool, where you can quickly find all the references to a word or phrase in the following resources:
    • The Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act 8 of 2011
    • The regulations
    • Prescribed management and conduct rules
    • The Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986
    • Sectional Title Survival Manual (electronic version))

Other facilities offered through the Paddocks Club website:
  • Sectional title plans - Anyone can download their sectional title plan for free.

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